Social Networking Encourages Good Writing

Another Stanford study, this one cited in Wired magazine, finds that because so much socializing today is accomplished online through text, contemporary students write more than any generation before them. Beyond quantity, what makes them good writers is their awareness of writing for an audience. Most become quite adept at modifying their writing to best suit their purpose and their readers. I guess as long as you try not to multitask, or multitext…

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September Book Club Pick

For the first book club meeting of seventh grade, Jonah has chosen A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass.

You can find all the books chosen since 2005 by members of our two parent-child book clubs–listed in reverse chronological order–at our aStore.

Moon Voyage Books

Wow, the first moon landing was 40 years ago today!

Of course I like to recommend related books, but did you know one of them is illustrated by the only artist to have walked on the moon?! Yup, Alan Bean‘s fabulous paintings show you what it was like in Mission Control, This is Apollo.

Or maybe a parent would like to revisit with their 8-12 year-old this memorable time in American history. Try reading or listening to Neil Armstrong is my Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me.

Summer reading

One of the most important factors in preventing “summer loss” of academic skills is access to books. My colleagues at Education Development Center authored this PBS Parents article about summer reading.

With vacations and all, it becomes more difficult to for our parent-child book clubs to meet during the summer, but we do have the book picks available already. It is Marisa’s turn to choose for the rising seventh-graders; she picks Flowers for Algernon. Naomi’s choice for the rising fifth-graders is A Crooked Kind of Perfect. An interesting juxtaposition.

June Book Club Picks

Gabi and friends have so enjoyed hearing The Lightning Thief read aloud in their sixth-grade class that Gabi chose the sequel– The Sea of Monsters –for June’s book club meeting. Marisa says it’s really good!

For the fourth-graders Aman continues the sports reading with Pelé!

Keep reading over the summer, and share your favorites in the comment sections. You can also trace book club picks back through our Store pages or this post:

Latest Book Club Picks

Latest Book Club Picks

As baseball season gets underway the fourth graders will dine on hot dogs and ice cream as they discuss Ethan’s choice: Jackie & Me. I look forward to tonight’s discussion as this particular group really listens to one another, and the questions Ethan sent are the first yet to raise issues of race in American history.

Next week Rebecca hosts the sixth-graders’ discussion of her book choice, The Name of This Book is Secret. My sixth-grader is borrowing her younger sister’s copy, just so you know these aren’t strictly grade-level choices even though I use grade designations to distinguish the two clubs.

Find aStore for the 3-page history of parent-child book club picks in or aStore, or track back for Related Posts through

Kalvin’s pick for April book club