Webinars for caregivers to “gifted and talented”

I do believe we are all gifted and talented in unique ways, and I do believe the Flynn Effect finding that average human intelligence is going up. But I still think these free webinars from UC Irvine Extension school might be of interest if you are in any way responsible for nurturing a young person whose intellect is out of step with peers.

I found the one on Social and Emotional Needs somewhat interesting if (necessarily?) somewhat superficial. But the part about “mentally hanging out with children two to three years older” has been true in my experience and an argument for, rather than against, skipping grades if needed/warranted. She says “boredom is just as stressful” as being overloaded.

Links to the following webinars are at this page. I’ve only skimmed through one so far. Let me know what you think.

“6th Annual Gifted & Talented Education Webinar Series
“View on-demand our most recent FREE webinar series designed for teachers, administrators and parents of the gifted!

“The Gamification of Education (2/6/2014)
“The New 3 R’s for GATE: Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Virtual Reality (2/13/2014)
“Discourse and Collaboration: Skills for the 21st Century (2/20/2014)
“Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Child: What Parents Want to Know (2/27/2014)”


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