Healey School seeks Interim Assistant Principal, immediately

Here’s the link to the Somerville Public Schools job announcement: http://k12jobspot.com/Jobs/?ID=234313.

Here’s some further description written by a parent leader at the Healey School:

Unification: The 2011-2012 year marks an important milestone for the Healey School. This is the year our School officially unifies, with several distinct programs merging into one dynamic school that is multicultural, multilingual, community oriented, and highly collaborative. 
Our unification process has included all interested members of the Healey community. In addition to launching our new Mission and our four Core Values, we are implementing a progressive, innovative Unification Plan. The Healey School Unification Plan calls for enhanced teacher collaborations, strong parent/family involvement in the School, new community connections, and exciting teaching and learning initiatives.
Among other features, the Healey School Unification Plan calls for increased team teaching, expanded hands-on project-based learning, a phasing in of arts integration curriculum-wide, and experiential and service learning, in addition to Healey’s focus on literacy and math and on education that supports the different needs of all our students to build skills while encouraging high achievement.
Other key elements of our plan include common planning time for teachers, enhancements to our positive behavior management framework, and a democratic Community Council offering leadership opportunities to parents and teachers.
About the Healey: The Healey School is located in the Winter Hill section of Somerville (a lively and enriching place to live), and serves students from a wide range of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. 
The School seeks candidates for our talented and respected faculty who are motivated to work in a dynamic urban environment and apply best and innovative practices in literacy, math, and our Unification Plan teaching/learning initiatives (among them project-based learning, experiential learning, arts integration). Ideal candidates will find in the Healey a collaborative and progressive teaching and learning environment, and a diverse, welcoming community that values every student’s potential and offers strong parent/family support.
To review the Healey School Unification Plan, please visit: [plan URL or plan copy to come: I don’t have the current link!]
The Healey School Mission Statement
The Healey School is an innovative participatory learning community. Academic competence is highly valued, and we believe that children learn best in a joyful, creative environment, one in which their natural curiosity, imagination and thinking are encouraged. Our curriculum is based on thematic, project based learning, designed to engage children’s interest and best efforts.
We are committed to an educational program that recognizes the importance of community in the lives of children. Three aspects of our program are evidence of this commitment:
• Creative Arts: Participating in writing, dance, music, theater, film/video and visual art are vital and integral parts of our curriculum. The arts are essential to learning, a way for children to “re- present” the world around them and celebrate who they are as individuals and as a community.
• Effective Community Service: Inspiring a life-long sense of civic participation, openness, caring and responsibility is an integral part of our school culture. Students apply academic skills and critical thinking as they develop, implement, and evaluate service-learning projects at all grade levels.
• Family Involvement: Families who join our school community become committed partners in their children’s education, both supportive of and supported by our dedicated staff. Parents and students are encouraged to be active participants in the governance of our school
The Healey School Core Values (annotated)
These values are the foundation of the life of our school and the basis of our decision making and our relationships with one another. They represent our desire to create a caring and just school community that reflects the broader democratic ideals of our society as well as what is unique and precious about our own neighborhood. All members of our school community (students, teachers, family, administration, staff and community partners) are responsible for caring about and acting on these values in order to keep them alive in our school. As a community we are committed to promoting them in all aspects our school life (in the classroom, the corridors, on the playground, before, during and after school) and celebrating their expression.
• Excellence
“I want to be challenged and helped when I need it, so I can learn and know as much as I can. I want to learn a lot of ways.”
A high quality educational experience is essential for our learners. Through our high academic standards, students will be well prepared to continue their educational pursuits beyond graduation. We understand that our students have individual learning needs, and we provide differentiated learning practices so that all our students have the opportunity to excel. Parents and families at Healey School receive meaningful communication and support from the Healey professional staff and are encouraged to become active partners in their child’s education.
• Joy
“I want to be able to come to school in the morning looking forward to it and feeling happy. I would like to see myself grow by having fun and learn at the same time.”
Healey School is an inspiring and joyful learning environment. As a learning community we challenge each other to grow and learn continuously both academically and personally. We believe that children are born with an intrinsic desire to make sense of the world and it is our responsibility to keep this love of learning alive and to nurture it as a life-long disposition. Students and teachers who love learning are excited about new ideas and embrace opportunities for dialogue and discussion.
• Openness
“I want to be who I am at school and not be laughed at. I want to feel like I count.”
Our school community is built on caring and respectful relationships. We value our diversity and create a school culture where all members of our community feel respected, appreciated, and cared about as individuals. Our staff is dedicated to making each family feel welcome and well served in every aspect of their connections with the school. Through programs like Open-circle, Second step, and peer mediation, our students are constructively taught to resolve problems. Through collaborative learning, our students create deep and intimate relationships with one another. Our commitment to Service Learning strengthens our community and teaches us to be respectful and empathic individuals.
• Creativity
“I want my work to show who I am as a unique individual.”
Creativity is the ability to come up with original ideas that have value. Our project-based interdisciplinary curriculum encourages divergent thinking and nurtures original thought. We believe that the ability to innovate and think “out-of-the-box” are critical skills, which are measured by a student’s ability to look at problems in many different ways and come up with many different solutions. Our integrated arts curriculum puts creative collaborative learning into the every day life of our learners.