Some online learning resources

“Learning resources” is part of this blog’s description so here are a few that I have collected over the past year. These look interesting but I have not used them myself yet. I thought I’d share out the information and recycle the papers. Full disclosure: I have no affiliation with these entities.

  • The Learning Springs offers a complete learning management system for grades 5-12. Individuals could use it to homeschool their child or for summer classes or for subjects not taught at your local school (there are several languages for instance); districts could make use of courses to supplement their in-person teaching for credit recovery or to offer a wider array of classes. I believe there is also a way for districts to put their own courses up for distance-learning use by others.
  • EdVisions Schools, a teacher-owned cooperative consortium using the model of the Coalition of Essential Schools, offers a Project Foundry(TM) for managing project-based learning. This online tool offers students an organized launch pad for working on their projects and a reflective journal to keep a record of their own experience. Mentors and parents can view student progress, participate in the process, comment on work, and assess the end result. Schools can configure the tool to their own needs and demonstrate outcomes. Tracking student work and ongoing assessments allow the tool to generate standards-based transcripts and reports.
  • If you are homeschooling, you might be interested in to help you create your learner’s portfolio and transcript in a form directly suited for presentation to a college or high school. It’s all about documentation and explicitly not designed to give you a curriculum, give grades or grading advice, nor require use of a traditional school method.
  • Explorations Academy Online offers a personalized high school program allowing learners to earn a high school diploma that meets the requirements of the state of Washington. Learners can test-drive a semester-length Exploratory Course anytime a Learning Coach is available.

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