Batch of Book Club Picks

For the 7th-graders’ March meeting, Jonah had selected The Princess Bride by William Goldman. The complicated narrative structure prompted an interesting discussion as well as questions about what was true and what was fictional in the story.

In April, the 7th-graders continue branching out genre-wise, this time with what I think might be their first nonfiction title: Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg. Chosen by Kalvin, I am sure this title will be enjoyed by both of my daughters and the three other families who also live with parakeets (which are a tiny kind of parrot). Marisa hasn’t put it down since we left the bookstore–started reading it in the car!

The 5th-graders will read Millions by Frank Cottrell as Ethan continues to encourage us to think about morals and ethics.

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