Happy Birthday, Nicholas Flamel!

I’ve been so busy campaigning for School Committee that I haven’t posted as often as usual since June. I missed quite a few of my usual September observances like International Peace Day. But legend has it that today would be the birthday of Nicholas Flamel, one of the main characters of The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, Kalvin’s pick for October’s meeting of the seventh-graders’ parent-child book club.

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Set Goals for Success

According to Lee Pulos, PhD, only about 4% of the population take time to write down their goals. But when goals are written or even drawn, they are achieved almost 100% of the time. Earlier this month, President Obama exhorted America’s school children to set goals for their education and commit to achieving them.

For parents who want to set goals for financial independence, I love Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success system. Underneath each brief video is a little “workbook” type form. Your answer is saved for you and you can click back through every refinement of your goals as you go along. If you sign up for the program, a new video will be available to you every week day. Bob Proctor built his own success by relying on the class Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but Proctor has distilled the ideas into a step by step practice.

Children & Slow Food

Yesterday I attended a Labor Day Potluck inspired by Slow Food USA. The focus of this potluck was on healthy food for kids, particularly in school lunches. Many factors in Somerville favor Slow Food values of good, clean and fair food. Groundwork Somerville sponsors community gardens, including one at most every school. Students do get to eat the vegetables and herbs they grow in the school garden. Nutrition researchers at Tufts have also worked in the Somerville schools, getting quite a bit of national attention for Somerville, including three pages in .

But it’s not all about Somerville! There’s still a chance to go to similarly themed eat-ins, for example a happy hour in Manhattan tonight. Just check on the Slow Food in Schools USA website. Here’s to our health and our children’s health!