Social Media at School

My sister-in-law recently pointed out a recent article from Education Next that really didn’t seem very “next”-ish. Of course it’s no surprise that American students might be bathed in anti-intellectualism, but one of the measures cited was that less than 50% of students reported talking with a teacher for an hour or more outside of class time. Let’s see, when I was teaching I saw 120 students a day, so if only 30% talked to me that much outside of school, assuming one-on-one conversations, it would have doubled my work time!

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the “next” thing. I feel like social networking might help students return to an even more traditional state of access to more adults–not just teachers but adults in all walks of life. Like they might have had before compulsory schooling began 150 or so years ago. In the meantime, though I liked this blog post about Twitter in the classroom. Hope you find it intriguing, too.


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