Grown-up Use for Wordle

We have mentioned the fun kids can have with Wordle, but now Dan DeMaioNewton offers a Wordle activity for job seekers. I quote his suggestion in its entirety here below:

“What is your resume really saying? Find out with your own Resume Word Cloud.

Recruiters do not read resumes, they scan them. It’s been said that a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds looking at each resume before they reach a conclusion. Recruiters are also actively looking for reasons to reject your resume. Resumes are not, however, written for scanning. They are written to convey a complex summary of what value you offer. Here’s a way cool thing you can do right now to see what your resume is saying: Create a Resume Word Cloud.

Here’s how.

1. Open your resume. Here’s mine.

2. In your resume, select and copy all the text. Do a Select All (Apple-A or Control-A depending on your computer), then Copy (Apple-C or Control-C).

3. Go to Wordle: and click in the box under the words “Paste in a Bunch of Text”

4. Click the Go button under this text box. Wordle will chug for a second or two and return you with a work of art: Your Resume as a Word Cloud! Wordle will remove common words like “and, the, or, etc.”

5. You can right-click on a word to remove words you don’t want to appear. For example, I don’t need “Dan” showing up so I can remove that. You can also customize the colors, orientation, etc. One down-side is that it doesn’t take into consideration phrases.

I’d like to ask you to post your resume word cloud on my site for job seekers: I’m interested in testing the power of online social networking, so please forward this to as many job seekers as you can so we can amass a resume word cloud quilt!

Best wishes,

Dan DeMaioNewton”


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