Summer reading

One of the most important factors in preventing “summer loss” of academic skills is access to books. My colleagues at Education Development Center authored this PBS Parents article about summer reading.

With vacations and all, it becomes more difficult to for our parent-child book clubs to meet during the summer, but we do have the book picks available already. It is Marisa’s turn to choose for the rising seventh-graders; she picks Flowers for Algernon. Naomi’s choice for the rising fifth-graders is A Crooked Kind of Perfect. An interesting juxtaposition.

Grown-up Use for Wordle

We have mentioned the fun kids can have with Wordle, but now Dan DeMaioNewton offers a Wordle activity for job seekers. I quote his suggestion in its entirety here below:

“What is your resume really saying? Find out with your own Resume Word Cloud.

Recruiters do not read resumes, they scan them. It’s been said that a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds looking at each resume before they reach a conclusion. Recruiters are also actively looking for reasons to reject your resume. Resumes are not, however, written for scanning. They are written to convey a complex summary of what value you offer. Here’s a way cool thing you can do right now to see what your resume is saying: Create a Resume Word Cloud.

Here’s how.

1. Open your resume. Here’s mine.

2. In your resume, select and copy all the text. Do a Select All (Apple-A or Control-A depending on your computer), then Copy (Apple-C or Control-C).

3. Go to Wordle: and click in the box under the words “Paste in a Bunch of Text”

4. Click the Go button under this text box. Wordle will chug for a second or two and return you with a work of art: Your Resume as a Word Cloud! Wordle will remove common words like “and, the, or, etc.”

5. You can right-click on a word to remove words you don’t want to appear. For example, I don’t need “Dan” showing up so I can remove that. You can also customize the colors, orientation, etc. One down-side is that it doesn’t take into consideration phrases.

I’d like to ask you to post your resume word cloud on my site for job seekers: I’m interested in testing the power of online social networking, so please forward this to as many job seekers as you can so we can amass a resume word cloud quilt!

Best wishes,

Dan DeMaioNewton”