Summer activity for rising high school seniors

Just a suggestion for anyone finishing their junior year of high school: why not schedule some times of intensive effort this summer and get your college applications done? Get them out of the way when you typically have fewer high-pressure activities going on. Ask trusted advisors, friends or mentors to look them over. Give yourself time to use their feedback and revise your drafts.

It will be easier than trying to do it all in addition to your homework this fall. Those grades are still going to count in the admission decision, so give yourself a chance to keep them up! Plus your parents won’t have to nag you the week before every deadline. Maybe your teachers will appreciate the chance to write your recommendations during the summer when they’re less busy, too. And who knows maybe you favorite school will send you an early acceptance!

Apparently there’s a formula for estimating what your chances might be at Ivy League schools–check out the Academic Index Calculator.

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