A few ideas for Earth Day

Yesterday my family went to the ECHO Lake Aquarium, on the Burlington, VT edge of Lake Champlain. One exhibit featured work that the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps has done to conserve habitat around Lake Champlain. Youth Conservation Corps are a project of the National Park Service. There might be one near you.

(Oh, and just for fun we also toured Vermont Teddy Bear factory, displaying a large photo of the plush animal’s namesake, Teddy Roosevelt, instrumental in starting the National Park Service if I remember my history correctly.)

I love seeing how children and youth care for the environment. Last month we visited The Butterfly Farm in Grand Cayman where we learned that children gave crucial help in saving the Cayman Swallowtail. It had been endangered after Hurricane Ivan (Sept. 11-12, 2004) ravaged its only food source.

Of course your environmental stewardship does not have to wait for a natural disaster.  A Boston Globe article profiled three urban families raising kids without a car. Janie Katz-Christy, the mother in one featured family, is one of the initiators of Walk/Ride Days.

What do you observe youth doing to conserve the environment? Please post in the comments. Thanks!

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One thought on “A few ideas for Earth Day

  1. Christine, glad to hear the fam made it to the ECHO Science Center. It’s truly a gem in Vermont’s crown. (PS, just this week, Vermont was ranked the “greenest” in the country per a Pitney Bowes Business Insight and Earthsense poll, see http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20090422/NEWS02/90421043 .)

    Next time the family’s driving up from Boston, consider making time for the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, about an hour or so from Burlington ( http://www.montshire.org/ ). It’s a very, very fun educational experience, second only in the region to Boston’s own Science Museum. I’ll also add that Woodstock’s Vermont Institute of Natural Science ( http://www.vinsweb.org/ ) is supposed to be a great museum experience, but I haven’t been there yet myself.

    And, if I may make a small plug for my employer, your readers can see the Teddy Roosevelt portrait and get a sense of the atmosphere at Vermont Teddy Bear at this blog post http://blogs.vermontteddybear.com/bebear/2007/11/14/aint-no-party-like-a-vtb-party/ .

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