Stats on Women’s Status

Today is International Women’s History Day. Since I have recently renewed my interest in statistics, I thought I’d link to these statistics about the status of the world’s women–a set of reminders for why we still need this 99th annual celebration.

I also want to mention that two of my daughters’ fellow schoolmates recently immigrated from Afghanistan with their family. They are incredibly sweet and very bright. Imagine becoming so quickly adept in a new language and culture and being able to excel at school within two years. The other day, pondering the complaints my girls sometimes have about going to school, I wondered how much more these Afghani sisters might appreciate the opportunity to go to school safely every day, and if that is part of their success. With all the talk–often criticism–in the media about American education, we sometimes forget what a huge and generous commitment we have made by replicating at least one noble impulse of  early Massachusetts colonists who voted to tax themselves in order to set up a free school*. I wish for every girl in the world a safe and free education.

Just having seen Amira Mortenson’s article in the recent issue of New Moon magazine, I picked up the Young Readers Edition of Three Cups of Tea.

*If I remember correctly, I learned this from John Taylor Gatto’s book,  The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling.

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One thought on “Stats on Women’s Status

  1. riaz says:

    i am riaz from afghnistan there is much tailent and beauty in afghnistan but they cannot show due to the terorists in afghnistan lets all afghan brothers plz make our home land happy cuse that is the heart of aisia

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