February book pick

Next month, our sixth-grade book club will read Marisa’s choice, 1001 Cranes by Naomi Hirahara. Marisa says this is not the story about the girl who had cancer after the WWII atomic bombings, but that the book does contain instructions for making origami peace cranes. Or you can find video instructions for making an origami crane at youtube (longer, with audio, but paper is white on both sides) or metacafe (shorter, written but no audio instruction, paper is purple on one side, which makes it a little easier to watch).

If you have read this book, feel free to leave comments about it. The same goes for all our book club posts, which you can trace back through this post:

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James Lehman’s tips on Anger

Social worker James Lehman points out that if a child uses anger as a weapon, it is because he or she believes that it will work. He or she may appear to be out of control, but realizes that if this scares family members sufficiently, he or she gains control for the future. I like that Lehman conceives of this as a child’s attempt at problem-solving, but obviously unless parents insist and persist in helping (or getting help for) the child to develop more effective problem-solving strategies, the future won’t look very bright. I have also seen elsewhere (here, for example) that some professionals believe that some incidents of teen violence or suicidal behavior could be ameliorated with better problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

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