Teaching Company Courses on Sale

Almost all of the Teaching Company‘s courses are on sale this weekend. I downloaded Understanding the Fundamentals of Music for just $34.95. They offer several high-school level courses. One might make a great gift for an earnest learner in your life.

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Speaking of words…

Every now and then the former teacher of English in me just can’t squelch herself. Luckily I can now point to this really helpful site of common errors in English offered by Washington State University English professor Paul Brians. The list of errors is extensive, and the explanations often include little stories to help you remember the correct distinctions. Skim through it, and see if it’ll help you keep making the right impression next time you write.

History research for Free skiing (in NH)

If you’re a fourth or fifth-grader who likes to ski, wouldn’t mind doing a brief project on the history of skiing and riding in New Hampshire, and could actually get to New Hampshire to use free skiing passes, visit SkiNH and get started.

Thanks to Suzanne Lubeck and to Darlene Matthews for pointing this program out to me. Darlene added that her sixth grader just received three ski passes in the mail simply because she participated last year!

If you know of other states with ski-for-studying rewards programs, please post them in a comment!


Off our usual topic, but still an important learning resource: A complimentary short (~16 minutes) from Spiritual Cinema Circle brings to mind that so many people are just starving for appreciation, and in the middle it also reminds us that activists of every type need to rest and recharge, too. Of course, a couple of other thoughts came to mind like how smiling is valued and interpreted differently by different cultures, but this seems like a thoroughly Californian, or at least American, film….