Walkable Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a new neighborhood, or just curious about your current one, browse around WalkScore. The algorithm is admittedly imperfect, but I learned some new things about my own neighborhood. For example, because it is technically in another city and seemingly attached to a school there, I rarely think of the park that WalkScore shows is actually closest to my house (2.5 blocks away). You might find some tips for saving gas, talking to neighbors and to generally make walking around healthier and safer for our families.

You might also be interested in Catherine Austin Fitts’ idea of the Popsicle Index, which she defines as the percentage of people in a neighborhood who think it is safe for a child to take a walk and buy a popsicle by her- or himself.


One thought on “Walkable Neighborhoods

  1. Joe T. says:

    Hi. I just took a quick look at the Walkscore site. I input my address and the map was right on, in front of my complex, behing the white fence on the right with the street view. If you click on the top right arrow you can get a view inside the complex and down the street inside.
    I will be checking out more info on your article.
    Thanks for writing it.
    Joe T.

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