Mathway Teaches You Math

Mathway is perhaps the most incredible free math resource I have seen on the web. It literally will solve any (well, no – I haven’t tested this) math problem that you give it – from basic math like long division or finding the perimeter of a polygon up through pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus.

You can use Mathway a couple of different ways – either by entering your problem free-form into the field it provides, or by utilizing three distinct navigation elements: category of math (ie: basic math or trigonometry), types of problems within that larger category, and example problems. After entering your equation, click the Answer button and Mathway solves it for you – not just solves it for you. Mathway shows you how the problem is solved – Mathway explains step-by-step in both numbers and helpful accompanying text how the problem is solved. That’s cool.


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