“Gordian Knot” Sculpture in Process

Doug Kornfeld, a Boston-area artist, seems to get a lot of commissions for public art from Colorado. We have one of the leftover tiles from his rest room signs for a Denver bus station. At his website he gives a little peek into the fabrication of his latest sculpture to be installed in June at the Colorado School of Mines called “Gordian Knot.

The amazing, essential and tricky thing about sculpture of course is how it all balances! Just solving that must have been a Gordian Knot. Kornfeld explains the title:

“The Gordian Knot comes from a legend associated with Alexander the Great. In 333 BC, wintering at Gordian, Alexander attempted to untie the Gordian knot. The legend said that whoever untangled the knot would rule all of Asia. Finding no end to the knot, or a way to unbind it, Alexander cut it in half with a stroke of his sword, Alexander went on to conquer Asia, fulfilling the prophecy.

The term: “cutting through the Gordian Knot” is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem, solved by a bold stroke.”

Incidentally, Kornfeld is acknowledged as one of Peter Reynolds’ art teachers in the inspiring children’s book Ish.

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