No-Holds-Barred Parenting Blog

Raw honesty and a no-holds-barred writing style uncommon to parenting blogs have made 32-year-old Heather Armstrong the nation’s top-ranked parenting blogger. (rhymes with moose), in which Armstrong blogs about everything “from potty-training to postpartum depression,” receives 4 million page views each month and stays well within the Technorati top 100 blogs. Armstrong has learned some hard lessons over the years about what to blog (her 4-year-old daughter Leta and her dog Chuck) and what not to (her parents’ religious views and her own sex life), but continues to keep her readers rapt and active, often receiving hundreds of comments on a single blog posting.
[ via The Wall Street Journal ]


One thought on “ No-Holds-Barred Parenting Blog

  1. Xine says:

    4 million people with too much time on their hands. A quick perusal struck me as a fairly egocentric useless site. Not stuff *I* like.

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