Dance Month, and “Bizarre” American Holidays

I heard that April is National Dance Month. As I was searching for some official or credible link about that, I came across this website of Bizarre American Holidays compiled a long time ago by high school students. Sources are not given–even more reason to post it on April Fool’s Day–take with a grain of salt.

Still thinking about dance, remember our post that linked to Martha Graham’s “notebook.” You can learn her dances, or tell us if you learned Soulja Boy’s. Leave comments of your own theory of why you think the Soulja Boy phenomenon took off. I think it was because he explicitly wanted people to learn his dance and then add their own ideas. He wanted them to appropriate his material. He also monitors how many views he gets and every 500,000 views he rewards fans with a new freestyle video. 🙂 If you like things 100% clean, explore carefully (the link above does not contain objectionable language).


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