Choosing Legal Media for Your Work

As you may know, I co-teach (with Alan Ball) an afterschool Journalism club. Plagiarism is always a big concern with Journalism. And “our” journalists love to download photos and other work from the web. Lots of students also do this just for regular homework. As you may also know I live in Somerville, MA, the home of the Harry Potter Alliance that is under fire for appropriating some Harry Potter characters and film clips to critique Wal-mart.

So, in this remix-mashup culture, it’s important to find media you and your students *can* use. Creative Commons Search allows you to search Google, Yahoo!, Flickr, BlipTV, Spin Express, and OWLMusic Search for photos, videos, music and research with Creative Commons licenses. As you help students use these materials you create opportunities to teach them about Fair Use, which of course copyright holders tend to gloss over (or leave out altogether) in their “educational” materials.

Or here’s another source from Temple University for teaching about copyright and fair use.

Note: I gleaned this information from a presentation by The Good Play(tm) Project at Harvard and the Project New Media Literacies at MIT. The presentation was given at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, in New York City, March 26, 2008.


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