African American Portraits

The National Gallery presents this collection of 100 photos entitled “Let Your Motto Be Resistance: African American Portraits” featuring famous and influential African Americans, from Frederick Douglass to Wynton Marsalis. Each portrait includes a brief biography. I felt especially inspired by Edmonia Lewis, a black woman college graduate and famous sculptor in the 1800s! I also felt inspired reading that many Africans Americans believed resistance was the highest form of patriotism.


One thought on “African American Portraits

  1. Wow! The March 6, 2008 edition of The Somerville Journal contains a column by Roger Kolb (p. 7) describing a statue in Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery by Edmonia Lewis. The statue is of “Hygeia,”goddess of health and was commissioned by Harriet Kesia Hunt for her gravesite. Hunt was the first woman in Boston to practice medicine. According to Kolb, Edmonia was half Haitian, half Chippewa.

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