Installing a Productive Mindset

One of our jobs as parents is to help our children develop positive beliefs about themselves and their world. Installed in the subconscious, our beliefs power our lives and actions in ways we don’t always realize. Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Pscyhology found that just one act of conscious will power reduces your ability to exercise such self-control in other unrelated areas of your life. How much easier life is when our subconscious drives and desires match the goals our conscious mind has set for us.

Over several years I have explored a variety of sources for bringing the subconscious on board with the conscious mind. I have been impressed with the work of multiply credentialed hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones. Once I load the mp3s into my iTunes, I can skip the induction (relaxation) part and just listen to the “suggestions.” Despite the title of “Empower and Nurture Your Tween,” I was happy to realize this was addressed directly to the Tween, and not to the parent. I felt that the suggestions were developmentally appropriate and would help my daughter get through some discouraging feelings she was having. She also spontaneously offered to help me a couple of times!

Jones offers an entire collection for various life-stages. I have been impressed with 19 of the 20 general-interest topics I have listened to so far (maybe I’m just not ready to end my chocolate addiction, but then again that one is pretty specific). He seems to research and cover a wide variety of the issues and limiting beliefs that underly the variety of the general topics.

At the top of each page, Jones describes differences between his Gold and Platinum editions, but if you’re in a time crunch, know that the Gold ones are about 39 minutes whereas the Platinum ones seem to be slightly over an hour. Most of the additional time seems to be taken up with extra “induction” (relaxation) segments.


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