Sites for French learning

My friend Morgane Mathews was born outside of Mexico city to a Mexican family who moved to France when she was just four. She gifts some Massachusetts high schoolers with her creative instruction in French and in Spanish. I asked her for some websites to help my girls learn French (it was my father’s first language). Here are the links she sent with her own comments. Thank you, Morgane.

[Even a Halloween set…]
(this one is the main one but when you click on a link it sends you to a page where you have to create an account even though there is a hyperlink for a “guest”= “continuer comme invite”)
(this page is for guests)
(this site has many useful and interesting links, I have not visited them all but it’s very comprehensive)
(in English for all things French, great info for planning a trip)
(this is just a site for the pleasure of seeing what a small public grammar school looks like in France, it is called Comtesse de Segur because that was a famous writer who came from that area). [I would add that a documentary called Etre et Avoir that shows a small public one-room school in France is also beautiful]
(this is another very complete site of what is available out there for parents and kids: kid lit, magazines, pedagogical resources….)
( a site about general French culture facts)
(this is more advanced but great fun, maybe for later)
(this looked interesting for early FLE language development)
grammar, vocab, first contact…
(from the Embassy of France in the US)
(another general site for kids on French culture)
(internet games like hangman, wordsearches,…but quia is better)


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