Trash-Free Lunches

Every year, an average child dumps 67 pounds of lunchbox trash. Earth 911 contributor Laurel Peltier provides these simple tips for packing a trash-free lunch for your children:

  • Send food in re-usable lunchboxes instead of paper bags (Also, remember if using a soft lunchbox that contains “PVC”, consider testing the bag for lead).
  • Instead of plastic wrap, foil or baggies, pack food in re-usable plastic containers.
  • Consider buying foods in bulk or in larger boxes and packing a portion in re-usable plastic containers.
  • Send drinks in a shatterproof thermos, a re-usable drink container (some are available with ice cores built into the bottle) or send in bottled water and recycle the bottle when it returns home.
  • Try cloth napkins, or re-usable silverware that can be washed at home.



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