Help the Monarch Butterfly

Live Monarch is an organization devoted to keeping the skies filled with Monarch butterflies. I received an email from them recently that offered interested educators opportunities to get their students involved with Monarch Butterfly populations in numerous ways.

Interesting facts (from

  • Monarch butterflies from around North America begin a Southern migration down to Mexico for the winter and return in February in March.
  • With the exception of the Monarchs who migrate to Mexico for the winter, the life span of an adult Monarch is 4-8 weeks. The migratory individuals can live from 8-9 months.
  • Monarchs eat only milkweed, which is rapidly disappearing due to human development, which is why sells milkweed plants and will send any takers milkweed seeds for free.

Go to for a variety of ways that you (educator, parent, student, or just interested party) can help the Monarch Butterfly.


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