“Green” Fridays & Walk-to-School Days

Following up to May 23rd’s post, Janie Katz-Christy, the mother of one of my daughter’s soccer teammates, told me about an initiative she and a friend started last year. They wanted a monthly, rather than annual, event to draw attention to environmental needs. So the last Friday of every month they ask folks to 1. wear green; and 2. walk or ride public transit to work or school. You can read more about their initiative and see a list of local business sponsors at the GreenStreets blog.

In addition to several Massachusetts towns, you’ll find mention of Ithaca, NY, Chicago and even Madras, India. Of course car ownership is not so ubiquitous in other parts of the world.

Regarding the colored clothing, I have also recently heard that some people want to wear red on Fridays to support our troops. Obviously there will be at least three and sometimes four other Fridays a month to do that. Personally I think going green is also supportive and for other Fridays I might express my support in blue :-). But I digress…


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