Pi Across America

It’s Pi Day, 3.14. In fact some folks start the celebration at 1:59, given that pi equals 3.14159….and then some. Last year all I did was serve my family round food, but my friend Maureen Gilardi, a retired math teacher in Connecticut, offers more intellectual information. She points to an activity called “Round about Pi” about halfway down this page. Maureen also writes, “I recently saw a 27 year-old man from England featured on 60 Minutes. He is a functioning person with [Aspberger’s Syndrome] and has a remarkable facility for numbers. He once recited pi to 20,000 digits without a mistake. His name is Daniel Tammet and he wrote a book Born on a Blue Day.”

P.S. In the 60 Minutes segment, Daniel mentions being bullied for his differences. I recently reviewed some books on bullying for a parent newsletter, and I will post those thoughts later this week.


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