Index of Online Game Activity Posts, so far

It’s public school vacation here in Massachusetts, so I thought I’d just compile all our previous posts that link to online games or activities in case any children are home and bored:

The Scribbler

Make online animations

Nurturing Creativity

Online math games

Timez Attack

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Earth Sun Moon

Less game-like but still a fun source of activities:

Reading faces (Quiz)

National Geographic Sites and Sounds

Listen to Nature

Photo Safari

Journey South Animal Migration

Educational Games Some game links, some research about games, etc.

Tim Hunkin’s Experiments

And then there were a few simple games that kids could set up in the real world, or older siblings could set up for younger ones:

Multiplication Game

Alphabetical Order

Memory Boxes

If you have an older child who’s a true bookworm, or not a bookworm but bored enough, or broke enough to enter your books for you, she or he might log books into

LibraryThing – Social Tagging for Books

or an ambitious child might start researching college scholarships

Finding College Scholarships

Whatever you do, have fun!


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