Babble.‘s new online magazine is about parenting (by the way, Nerve is about sex). Specifically, it is “a magazine and community for the new urban parent.” It’s called Babble, and is currently featuring an interview with Laura Dern on her love of parenting books, a humorous column entitled “Bad Parent,” and bunches and bunches of stuff you can buy. Check it out.

Photo Safari

Ever have to go someplace you’re not excited about? Well, if you can take a camera you can have a way more interesting time. Then share your unique perspective with your family or, if your photos are digital, have your parents help you share them with friends at a photo-sharing website.
If you don’t have a camera, take a sketchpad, notepad or just decide in advance to count how many you see of whatever you decide beforehand.

For more ideas, click on the “Safari” link at the top of this page, or see the January 22, 2007 entry at Thomas Hawk’s blog.

It *is* Rocket Science

In Rockets: Educators Guide, NASA provides lessons, activities, and information on basic rocket science and rocket history.  Lessons include making and flying paper rockets, investigating ways to increase the power of rocket fuels, estimating the altitude a rocket achieves during flight, and demonstrating how rocket liftoff is an application of Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Activities emphasize hands-on science, prediction, data collection and interpretation, teamwork, and problem solving.