Seymour Papert recuperating

If you read Learning.Now last week you already know that the world’s greatest living math (and technology) educator, Seymour Papert, is recovering from a serious accident. Today he takes a 20-hour flight in a Swiss ambulance plane from Hanoi to Boston. All well-wishers are invited to submit pictures of flowers to this website.

In addition to boosting Professor Papert’s spirits, there is appropriately a great deal one could learn from participating. Young readers could compare the French and English versions of the site to hone language skills. Non-natives in the digital world might enjoy learning about flickr. French-reading teachers might enjoy using the related SCOOP! lesson plans for small-group activities to help their students learn about Seymour Papert and his work on getting computers into classrooms (another multilingual website).

For a great example of Papert’s thinking, read Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas.

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