Web Monitoring for Parents

I love the online world of educational games and tools, and I’m a huge proponent of exposing kids to these. But as they get older and more savvy in their use of the web, I have two concerns – limiting their computer time so that they retain the balance of non-digital activities in their young lives, and restrict their browsing from potentially questionable sites.

This month’s issue of Family Circle magazine itemizes a few of the web monitors that are out there for families to choose from. Here’s a breakdown:

Web Filters


These prevent kids from viewing questionable web sites. Two downsides to such filters is that there’s no way for these filters to keep their databases of questionable sites up to date, and such filters might erroniously block sites you’d like your kids to visit.

Monitoring Software

IM Einstein (monitors instant messaging)

These let parents know in realtime what kids are viewing and how much time they are spending online.

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