Collection of math resources

The Homeschool Math website has a lot of resources, games, curricula, links, including several math-centric blogs. I especially enjoyed finding a little online fraction calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions as this can support the kind of learning mentioned in our earlier post on calculators. There were lots of resources for fractions, among numerous other math topics. It is so important to help children look at topics and problems from many perspectives.

Be prepared to see more homeschool-oriented resources here, though I choose secular, non-dogmatic, and non-polemical sites. We are all “homeschoolers” in a sense. Parents know that they are their children’s first and most important teachers, whether the children attend school or not (mine go to public school now). I think we teach consciously, and we entrain our cohabitants’ brains subconsciously. The more aware we can be of this, the better and more humane our results. Just my humble opinion.


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