You might have a child who fares better in individual athletic events than in team sports, or a child who would experience greater success in a less crowded competetive field. Or you just might want to offer a lower impact option to save their knees. Of course there are lots of sports that meet those criteria, but for one that requires little special equipment, check out the pre-eminent racewalking site on the web, authored and maintained by a longtime member of US national team, Dave McGovern. Dave is always encouraging, witty, and down-to-earth, not to mention amazingly talented.

If you want to learn the technique check out his schedule for weekend clinics. A promising high-school age racewalker attended the last one I went to, and Dave was selling her on the other perks of competing in a small sport, such as being more likely to be selected to travel to big track meets in wonderful destinations.

Racewalking is an Olympic sport (though it’s mostly broadcast at like 2 a.m.), and the USA Track & Field Junior Division begins at age 7.


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