Play and “again! again!” as meditation

A few more family-relevant gleanings from the Teachers College Record edition on contemplative practices in education:

  • In her journal for Daniel Holland’s course on Mindfulness, a college student who is also a mother wrote that playing with her daughter equals meditation because she is “in the present moment, focused, no past, no future. It’s just me and little [L] at that instant.”
  • Holland also tells a personal story of a Hungarian art history professor who expressed envy of those who see Michelangelo’s David for the first time. The professor had lost the awe of beginner’s mind. This story evoked for me how children can read the same book and watch the same video “Again!” and “Again!” because they can return to beginner’s mind each time.

Larry Cohen has written about how Playful Parenting can address a host of issues. Most importantly, I think, being focused in the here and now, perceiving everything anew as if for the first time, helps us really see one another with appreciation.

Holland, Daniel. Contemplative education in unexpected places: Teaching mindfulness in Arkansas and Austria. Teachers College Record Volume 108 Number 9, 2006, p. 1842-1861 ID Number: 12684, Date Accessed: 9/23/2006 4:05:46 PM


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