Have you ever been letterboxing? It’s the marriage of a family hike and a treasure hunt, with a little bit of orienteering or puzzle-solving thrown in for good measure.

A Little History
The activity began in Dartmoor, England in the 1800’s when, as legend has it, a gentleman left his calling card in a bottle in the wilderness. Today there are several thousand letter boxes in Dartmoor, and the hobby has been growing in North America, as well.

So what is it?
Simply put, boxes equipped with journals and rubber stamps are hidden somewhere and participants follow clues to find these hidden treasures, leave their mark in the journal, and stamp their own book with the rubberstamp found therein. Of course, there’s often more involved than that – for instance the tradition of fashioning homemade rubber stamps, but that’s the jist of it.

When my family discovered the activity here in Colorado a few weeks ago, the kids became hooked, and now when we tell them we’re going on a hike, they ask if we can go in search of a letterbox. Learn everything you need to know and get clues for your part of North America at www.letterboxing.org.


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