Meditation in Education

In his book Manual for a Perfect Government, quantum physicist John Hagelin discusses two careful studies showing that a group of people meditating together can positively impact crime and violence levels in their surrounding area. Movie producer David Lynch has started a foundation to help fund the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in schools with students aged fourteen and older. The program would have to include all such students in order to be eligible to apply for funding.

I would like to see such an offer made for grade schools that struggle with issues of bullying. But you can also teach your own child to meditate briefly at home for all the advantages of individual peace, alertness and right response it provides. Jiddu Krishnamurti, in his book This Light in Oneself, was especially encouraging that meditation is a natural state of consciousness not requiring a method or training.

Teachers College Record recently devoted an entire issue to contemplative practices in education which I will synopsize in a future post.


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