Grow an Activist, or at least an Active Child

One of the initial problems in the movie She’s the Man is that the main character’s school cut the girls’ soccer team. It could really happen since the US Education Department issued a Title IX “Clarification” in March 2005 saying schools only have to survey the underrepresented gender about their interest in sports.
Title IX isn’t just about girls in sports; it protects equity for both boys and girls in ten key aspects of education. In fact, hearings about the “clarification” were held by the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation. The Save Title IX campaign offers resources including a guide to investigating your local school’s approach to Title IX. Foster your child’s inner journalist, nurture a budding activist…or just play a memory game of pictures with labels.


One thought on “Grow an Activist, or at least an Active Child

  1. Marisa says:

    I used this at school. My friend Gabi and I wrote a letter to our state representative. She said she will research the way our state does Title 9 and get back to us!

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